Reasons why relapse occurs

People who are in addiction recovery often struggle with relapse because it is not easy stopping an old habit and picking up a healthy one. This is why many people in addiction recovery relapse many times before they become sober.

When you understand why you relapse, it would be easier to combat those issues. So, that if you are faced with triggers, you will have efficient coping strategies to combat them.

Here are the common reasons why people relapse:  

  • Stress

When you are in addiction recovery and you begin to feel better, it is normal for you to feel like jumping right into your normal activities. This is not advised because addiction recovery is a gradual process that demands your patience.

Hence, it is best not to overwhelm yourself, but slowly reintegrate yourself into your normal activities and life generally. Doing this will help you keep stress at bay because your stress levels will not rise.

If you discover that you are drawn to your addictive habits while in recovery, then something is stressing you out and you need to stop it.

  • People

In addiction recovery, people can either make or mar you, so you need to be careful of the company you keep. If you have non-sober friends, it won’t be long before they rope you into your old addictive habits. Hence, it is best to reduce the closeness and focus on getting friends or loved ones with healthy habits.

  • Places

The places you visit can also make you relapse. Some places come with certain triggers that motivate you to return to your addictive habits. If you notice that some places remind you of your addiction, it is best to avoid going to such places.

  • Poor healthy living

It is important to take care of your health while in addiction recovery so that relapse would not set in. You can start by getting physically active, eating a nutritious diet regularly, getting enough rest, and totally avoiding substances like drugs and alcohol.

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