Beating Addiction in Alberta

Like we have discussed in our most recent post, nobody and no part of the world are above addiction. It is always lurking in every crevice of our lives. Even if you don’t directly see it, it is there somewhere in Alberta – negatively affecting someone.

Just take a moment to imagine this…

What would the world be like without addiction? Can you imagine, just for one second, if nobody was addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography? These scenarios didn’t occur and everyone could live happily and healthily.

Of course, we are unable to achieve a perfect world like that, but who is to say we can’t try? Even if one more person is saved or helped along the way, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Consider Who You Are Helping

By working to make a difference in your community, you are helping:

A mom, a dad, someone’s child, an aunt or uncle, someone’s sibling, and/or someone’s grandparent.

Everyone who suffers from the grasp of addiction is still a person – they are still someone’s family.

Now, think for a moment – what if that was someone in your family?

If you knew someone close to you struggling with addiction, wouldn’t you want everyone to pitch in to help them?

Of course. And, as a community, we should always have this mindset and be ready to help those in need.

The truth is – addiction knows no one person, so while it might not be your family member yet, you never know when that could change.

So, why not make an effort to make a difference in your community, especially for those who need it the most?

How You Can Help

Of course, you cannot just go around saving everyone. But, there are a few small ways to get involved that might make a difference in someone’s life:

Volunteer your time.

Sometimes, it just takes getting involved in organizations around you. There are several organizations that help those in need, help them get back on their feet, or even help keep people out of questionable situations that might lead them to addiction in the first place.

Find an area in your community where you can volunteer and help make a difference in the lives of those around you, in Alberta.

Educate those around you.

In order to effectively avoid addiction, you must be aware of what it is and what the consequences are. Make a point to educate yourself and those around you on the aspects of addiction, in hopes that it will keep some people away from it.

Don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand.

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