Top 4 Things to Do in Alberta, Canada

When it comes to addiction recovery, you always have to be on the lookout for new activities to engage in. You need to keep yourself busy and also teach yourself how to live a “normal life” again.

One of the best ways to celebrate your addiction recovery is actually to go try out new activities that you normally might have missed out on. You are on your way to a better life so go enjoy what you have been missing out on all this time!

The province of Alberta is a great place to be if you are recovering from an addiction. With the majestic rivers, wide-open prairies, and the rolling rivers, there is always a place to just relax and enjoy the beautiful world around you.


If you live in the area or even are just visiting, here are a few fun and healthy activities you should try:

  1. Royal Tyrrell Museum
    The Royal Tyrell Museum comes in at one of the largest museums in the world – even housing some of the best dinosaur displays there are.Now that you have a clear mind – it is no longer fogged by drugs and alcohol – you can put it to good use learning about some of the ancient artifacts the museum boasts.
  2. Banff Upper Hot SpringsThis location is open year round! At this beautiful location, you can slip right into the warm water of the Banff Upper Hot Springs and take in the beautiful views that surround it.

    This is a great must-see for those recovering from addiction because the warmth of the water is a soothing and relaxing experience you won’t soon forget.

    The crystal clear water is 100% natural mineral water which travels into the earth’s crust, is heated and pressurized, and then comes back to the surface for visitors to enjoy.

  3. Red Rock CanyonThis area is a true gem in the southwestern corner of Alberta. The beautiful views of the rising peaks and the prairie grassland just cannot be beaten.

    This is a great way to get some exercise (which is a great hobby for addiction recovery) and to check another Alberta must-see off your list!

  4. Icefields ParkwayIf you are looking for a jaw-dropping experience, you won’t want to miss Icefields Parkway.

    The scenic stops along the way will have you completely mesmerized – from the glaciers to the wildlife to the lakes and the towering mountains.  It is quite the exhilarating drive!


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