Signs that an individual is addicted

It is rare for individuals who are addicted to open up to their loved ones, or those around them that they have an addiction problem. Only those who are observant would be able to tell that something is wrong with the individual suspected to have an addiction.

Addicted individuals do not like acknowledging their addiction because of the stigmatization that comes with it. Hence, they will prefer to keep mute and drown in their addiction, while hoping that they will break free someday.

Here are some signs that help you tell if an individual is addicted:

  • Changes in the body

The side-effects that come with addiction are often noticeable in the individual’s physical appearance. For those who are addicted to substances like alcohol or drugs, you will observe bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, coloring on the face, constant itching, inability to speak properly, etc.

Others might have an obvious weight loss or weight gain. Some of them would lose the ability and interest to take care of themselves, so they will keep looking shabbily.

  • Loss of interest in things around them

Someone who is addicted would not find interest in anything happening around them. For instance, someone who is interested in work, would gradually not prefer to show up to work again. This is because something else has taken top priority in their lives.

Since they are channeling their interest and energy towards their addiction, nothing will really excite them.

  • Withdrawal from social circles

Addicted individuals do not like being around people because they feel uncomfortable. Some of them also know that being around people can expose their addiction lifestyle. Hence, they prefer to keep to themselves so that no one will know what is going on.

If you know someone around you who suddenly withdraws from everyone, there is a chance that they are addicted.

Someone who is addicted would most likely defend their actions because they know that when they are either receptive to yours, it can reveal their addiction. Asides from these points mentioned, other signs show that an individual is addicted.

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