One of the greatest threats that exists in the addiction concept is the possibility of having a relapse. When you are stressed or tensioned, you might think of going back to your former lifestyle.

You are aware that they are not suitable for you, but it is difficult for you to refuse. When an individual relapses, he or she feels like starting from the beginning.

There are unpleasant emotions that would set in, and you would have to begin another journey to achieving sobriety.

One of the importance of preventing relapse as earlier mentioned is preventing them from picking up old habits.

When they fall back to their addiction lifestyle, there is a tendency that they would pick up strife with family and friends. Their productivity at work reduces and their health is at stake once again.

So, to avoid this, it is best to join a support network. It might not necessarily be at the rehab, but you need to get yourself join a support network.

This is regarded as one of the most proficient ways to prevent addiction. Someone who is struggling with addiction tends to surround themselves with other users and dealers.

In the same vein, for someone who is recovering, it is best to surround yourself with other people who are sober. This is one way of providing support because one another will rely on the experiences of others to remain strong.

A support network is where progress is being monitored and this serves as a form of motivation to everyone.

Someone who keeps to himself or herself after recovering from addiction is playing a dangerous game.

The reason is, when you are alone, thoughts of going back to your addiction begins to creep in and you feel tempted to try out the addictive habit once again.

To wrap this piece up, it is essential to always opt for a rehab that has an aftercare program, this greatly reduces an individual from relapsing.  

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