There is nobody in this world that is above addiction. It is always around the corner waiting for you to embrace it unknowingly. There are two broad categories of addiction: Substance addiction and behavioral addiction.

Substance addiction involves the obsessive and compulsive use of substances like alcohol and drugs in order to achieve a particular pleasing effect.

For behavioral addiction, it occurs when an individual is addicted to a particular addiction and not being mindful of the fact that there are adverse effects attached to it.

Common types of behavioral addiction are: Internet addiction, sex addiction, gaming addiction and a host of others.

In Alberta, there are addiction cases and they can also be prevented if some measures are put in place.

One of such measures is to stand as a volunteer. During these times, the place of volunteering services are important.

It could involve you having to partner with some organizations or corporate body in the fight against addiction. Or you could decide to do it as a one-man project and involve some people along the line.

With this, it is important to educate people who stay around you. For addiction to be effectively avoided, you need to know what it involves and the consequences attached to it.

In addition to educating those around you, it is equally important to educate those who are far away from you. One of the ways to achieve this is the social media.  

It is important that you are not afraid to give a helping hand to those who are addicted. It is best to treat them with love and care instead of prejudice.

Once an addict notices that you display hatred towards him or her, they have a way of distancing themselves. So, you have to approach them with love and explain to them the need to break free.

These days, the media world has made things easier. People can read in print concerning the ills of addiction. Media houses and Television stations should also make it a point of duty to constantly educate people on the dangers of addiction.

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